SupWiz at AI in practice conference

There's a lot of sales talk and hype surrounding AI, so how does a company go from idea to implementation? This was the topic of a recent conference organized by Dansk IT, where SupWiz was invited as a keynote speaker.


With a cinema filled with excited participants, and an impressive list of speakers, Dansk IT organized the conference "AI and Machine Learning in Practice" on Wednesday, June 20th.

The focus was on concrete projects and implementations of AI technology in practice, and a lot of inspiring talks were presented on everything from parking lot allocation over chatbots to scientific research.


SupWiz' Chief AI Officer, Søren Dahlgaard, presented the many possibilities of applying AI technology to improve customer service based on concrete cases with SupWiz' customers, engaging a carefully listening audience. Søren, who holds a PhD in algorithms and machine learning, also talked about what AI really is, and how it has evolved over the past decades.

Finally, after a long day of presentations, the last point on the agenda was the movie "Her", in which Joaquin Phoenix plays a lonely writer who develops a relationship with an operating system.

A big thanks to Dansk IT for organizing such a great conference as well as all the speakers.