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AI powered chatbots, live chat, ticket routing, e-mail bots, knowledge center AI, ServiceNow, Remedy and Zendesk integrations…

SupWiz has got it all and more.


Solve customer queries fast with increased service quality

Your customers expect fast and reliable support that is convenient and consistent. The SupWiz Chatbot helps your customers 24/7 in any language, and is trained with your data to ensure accurate answers that are tailored to your specific business and support queries.

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Automate tasks to the benefit of both customers and agents

With integrations, the SupWiz Chatbot solves your customers’ problems without human interaction such as reset password and check account status. A win-win situation because your customers get quick solutions, and your agents can spend their time on more demanding tasks.

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Streamline your support process by combining AI and human interaction

The SupWiz Chatbot initiates conversations, resolves enquiries and refers customers to relevant content in your knowledge base. If a human agent is needed, the Chatbot hands over the conversation to the right agent along with chat history and a suggested solution. Therefore, your customers need not repeat themselves.

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SupWiz AI Chatbot has delivered fantastic and concrete results, and today helps thousands of customers in their support dialogue with

We are proud to have been pioneers in the technological development, and together with SupWiz deliver an AI Chatbot that has proven to create real business value, for both our customers and us.

Mikkel Nedza, Head of Business Excellence,


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