AI and Machine Learning are the primary technologies changing Customer Support and Service today
— IDC, 2018

THE ai platform KEY FEATURES


WHATs in it for you?

  • Answer customer queries automatically

  • Identify customers' problems proactively

  • Adaptively update your media presence

  • Match the right support agent to each case

  • Understand which customers are unsatisfied and why

  • Increase conversion rates using AI adaptive models

  • Ensure customers don’t have to repeat themselves

  • Make on-line shopping a personal experience

  • ... and much more!

This is an on-demand world. Customers demand fast, efficient service - across all devices and channels. Building on our world-class research, SupWiz delivers the tool to address these challenges
— Stephen Alstrup, SupWiz CEO

"Quick response is important"

"I cancelled because of bad service"

"I have to repeat myself"


How AI works

Some of the places you will find SupWiz