Measure and optimize your customer service with the SupWiz analytics

SupWiz provides you with customer insight and valuable statistics on AI and human performance.


benefits of supwiz analytics


Learn what your customers are interested in and what their typical queries are


Get customer insight that can inform and strengthen your product development


Combine analytics with alarms and get notified about abnormal activities


Find new ways to improve the customer experience across channels


What our customers say


SupWiz’s deep and broad technical excellence has allowed us to discover new and exciting insights into how we could improve our business. Their analytical insights have allowed us to explore surprising new ways to significantly improve our customer service and support functions.

Through their tools and dashboards we have seen impressive results in both improved efficiency, improved quality as well as improved employee satisfaction.

Jens Maagøe, CTO & Associate Vice President at NNIT


Chatbot analytics

Get deep insight into your customer queries with the Chatbot analytics. The analytics show how your Chatbot is performing and how you can optimize it to resolve even more of your customers’ queries automatically.

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SupChat analytics

Analytics in SupChat show how different departments and agents perform in live chat dialogs, and make it easy to check whether your KPI targets for response time and more are met.

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Ticket Analyzer analytics

The Ticket Analyzer analyzes your incoming chat data and groups it into categories, so you can learn what your most common queries concern and when new types of queries are emerging.

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