Welcoming Bob to the team

SupWiz is happy to welcome Bob Pepin to the SupWiz family, where he will join our ever-growing team of world-class data scientists and developers.


Bob is an expert in probability theory and mathematical modelling with several years of industrial experience in quantitative and engineering roles. Bob holds a master's degrees in engineering from the prestigious Centrale Supélec Paris and Imperial College London and a PhD in stochastic analysis from the University of Luxembourg. He has also been a visiting researcher at the statistics department at the University of Copenhagen.

During his PhD, Bob advanced the state of the art in computational methods for multi-scale phenomena and made fundamental contributions to the ergodic theory of stochastic processes by developing a new approach to concentration inequalities based on martingale methods. During his professional career he has worked with clients ranging from top tier banks to local enterprises and associations, as well as academic research institutes where he used machine learning and AI to support biomedical research into Parkinson’s disease.

At SupWiz, Bob will join our team of talented data scientists and developers to create sophisticated AI for solving our customers' problems, and creating the next generation of customer service and support.