Integrate your SupWiz platform with other systems to create effective synergies

Integrations to your ITSM, knowledge base and other systems enable you to harness your existing data and enable your Chatbot to perform tasks.


Seamless integration of the Chatbot to your favorite chat framework

Get a quick start by implementing the Chatbot to your current workflows with e.g. Zendesk.

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What our partners say


There is a distinct need and desire in the market for advanced AI chatbots. SupWiz delivers value to their clients, which benefits millions of end-users across the globe. Zendesk is excited about the potential for this valuable partnership.

Billy Robins, Director of Business Development at Zendesk


Integrate the Ticket Analyzer to your favorite ITSM

Integrate the Ticket Analyzer to e.g. ServiceNow to get more value from the data in your tickets and automate ticket routing.

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Integrate the Chatbot to your knowledge base, client database and other systems

Enable the Chatbot to fully resolve customer enquiries and perform tasks like password reset, wifi reset and more.

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