Get better and faster customer service with SupWiz Chatbot

The SupWiz Chatbot eliminates waiting time and resolves queries fast because it understands your business and your customers.


Language agnostic

The Chatbot serves your customers wherever they are in the world and whatever language they speak.


Automates tasks

The Chatbot handles password resets, data lookups and more, so your agents have more time for the few tasks the Chatbot does not solve.


pioneering NLU

Trained with just a few examples, the Chatbot understands context-specific questions, misspellings and synonyms.


A solution for enterprises

The SupWiz Chatbot is one integrated tool including development, testing and production environment, diagnostics, change logging and more.


Integrates to chat frameworks

The Chatbot integrates with your existing chat framework, e.g. Zendesk, or our chat framework SupChat to make easy handovers from Chatbot to agent.


Develop, test, measure, repeat

You can quickly make changes, test them in the Chatbot tool and get feedback on results - a loop that accelerates the process of perfecting your Chatbot.


What our customers say


SupWiz AI Chatbot has delivered fantastic and concrete results, and today helps thousands of customers in their support dialogue with

We are proud to have been pioneers in the technological development, and together with SupWiz deliver an AI Chatbot that has proven to create real business value, for both our customers and us.

Mikkel Nedza, Head of Business Excellence,


Results achieved with the Chatbot

98% accuracy in identification of problem

75% of queries solved automatically

95% decrease in waiting time


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