SupWiz CTO among world's 20 best programmers

SupWiz CTO, Mathias Bæk Tejs Knudsen, recently placed 5th in Google's Distributed Code Jam contest and is now headed to the world finals in Toronto after a selection process with more than 50,000 contestants

Mathias (2).png

Every year, Google holds its competition, Code Jam, where the best programmers in the world compete for glory in two disciplines including distributed computing.

This year, SupWiz' CTO, Mathias Bæk Tejs Knudsen, will be competing at the Distributed World Finals in Toronto after placing 5th in the qualifying round - a selection process with more than 50,000 competitors. Here, he will be facing off against 19 other of the best programmers in the world at a chance to win the prestigious competition.


In Google Distributed Code Jam, the contestants compete to solve 4 problems on time and in the fewest tries. Each problem tasks the competitor with computing some quantity using a large number of computers in a distributed manner. This year, the problems in the qualification round regarded jumping on stones to cross a river, finding the cleanest towel at the gym, finding the frequencies of signals from outer space, and optimizing slow code without knowing what it computes.

SupWiz wishes Mathias the best of luck in Toronto and are cheering him on!

You can find more information about the competition and see the results of the qualification round on the links below.