NNIT and SupWiz: Pioneering AI for Customer Service

A new article in Danish magazine "Ledelse i Udvikling" zooms in on SupWiz' partnership with NNIT A/S as pioneers in AI for customer service and support.


With world-leading experts in algorithms and machine learning from SupWiz and leading experts in process optimization, data management and customer service from NNIT, the partnership is pioneering the usage of AI in customer service and support. The aim is to create a better customer experience, where the customer is heard and understood.

This is the focus of a new article in Danish magazine "Ledelse i Udvikling", where NNIT's CTO, Jens Maagøe, and Associate VP of Service Support Center, Jakob Sassersen, share key insights and experiences from an organization with 3,000 employees delivering customer service across the globe in 17 languages. Among the focuses of the article are their view on the new technologies, the partnership with SupWiz, and the importance of good leadership in the digital transformation.

Read the full article in Danish on this link.