New course: Become a chatbot expert!

Together with Peopleteam, SupWiz is launching a series of courses on how to successfully introduce chatbots in organizations, how to maintain and develop a chatbot, and how to reap the many benefits of chatbots.


Chatbots today deliver much business value to organizations including shorter resolution times, increase availability, reduction in repetitive work, and most importantly both happier customers and agents.

If your organization is looking at introducing chatbots, there are several considerations and choices that must be done. In a new series of courses by Peopleteam and SupWiz, we look into what organizations must do to

  1. Prepare for a chatbot implementation,

  2. Implement a chatbot for maximum benefits, and

  3. Maintain and further improve the chatbot once it has been launched.

We will answer questions such as “which resources do we need to implement a chatbot?”, “what are the common pitfalls for chatbot implementation?”, “How do we maintain the chatbot once it has been launched?”, and much more.

Free intro seminar!
To kick off the new course we will be holding a free intro seminar on September 26, where you can get an introduction to the course as well as a concrete key takeaways that you can use right away.

More info about the intro seminar below:
Date and time: September 26th, 2019 at 9:00-11:00
Place: World Trade Center, Borupvang 3, 2750 Ballerup
Link and more info (in Danish):

About SupWiz
SupWiz delivers a next generation AI platform for customer service and support. This includes chatbots, email bots, ticket routing&automation, knowledge article matching, and much more. The solution for example enhances existing systems such as Zendesk, Remedy and ServiceNow with advanced AI improving both customer and agent satisfaction. SupWiz’ AI platform is today used by thousands of agents benefiting millions of end-users and our customers include NNIT,, ATP, Stofa, and many more.

In 2019 SupWiz was awarded the most prestigious innovation award by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for perhaps the world’s best chatbot.