SupWiz offers AI-as-a-Service creating a fast track to getting business value from AI projects

The SupWiz AI Platform is a modular AI and Machine Learning framework. Designed to deploy against your specific needs and business goals. Available as a Cloud Hosted service or for on-premise deployment.

We build customer specific language models, that understand your domain, your terminology, processes, and context. This way you as able to beat the performance of generic tools - and it is not as hard as it sounds.

Our main product lines are ITSM Ticket Tool, AI Chatbot, E-mail classifier, and Prediction Models.

Also, the SupWiz AI Platform has a wide range of tools, including Labeling, Cleaning, Similarity, Proximity, Dashboard, Administration, and Analytics tools.


ITSM Ticket tool

Out of the box support for ServiceNow, Remedy and Zendesk, the SupWiz Ticket Tool brings the power of AI to your service and support ticket flows. Automatic metadata extraction and prediction, predictive routing and self-learning features will save you time while improving both customer and service agent satisfaction levels.

Read case - NNIT Ticket Routing


Chatbot framework

Chatbot empowers supporters to handle customer inquires and questions both faster and smarter.

The SupWiz Chatbot Framework (SWBF) builds an AI model tailored to your business. Our chatbot will understand your users, conduct helpful dialogue and be able to perform actions such as customer lookups, systems checks and similar - acting based on the context.

Integrates with most common chat platforms and chatbot frameworks, like Zendesk.

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e-mail classification

Inbound data in unstructured - or even structured - emails and web forms can be a challenge in terms of optimizing your workflows. SupWiz deploys AI and Machine Learning to help understand email content, route emails to the right place in your organization, and integrate RPA to further improve value.

Read case - Danish Business Authority



prediction model

Prediction engine helps understand, analyze and process customer requests in an omni-channel service setup, allowing you to predict what a customer wants.

Go beyond traditional mapping and limited customer profiling by deploying AI in your customer journey design. This will make you proactive and ensure higher resolution rates and customer satisfaction.