The challenge

FTFa is one of Denmark’s largest “A-kasser” with more than 140,000 members. FTFa wishes to offer their members the best possible customer service with focus on availability and high quality.

  • Response time and waiting time are critical to customer satisfaction

  • Requests are highly periodic with high volume during some periods

  • Customers expect 24/7 support and consistency across channels


SupWiz chatbot automates user enquiries with extremely high customer satisfaction and precision - integrated directly with FTFa’s Zendesk Chat solution. SupWiz chatbot especially relieves agents during periods of high volume.

In addition, the SupWiz chatbot is integrated directly with FTFa’s member database to perform lookups and actions giving FTFa’s members a new channel for self-service.


FTFa have deployed SupWiz Chatbot to improve their Customer Service and Support on a wide range of areas:

  • Eliminates wait time for users

  • Integrated fully with current workflow combining AI and Human support

  • High user and agent satisfaction

  • Integrations add value like DB lookups and RPA that can determine e.g. membership status and act accordingly

About FTFa
FTFa is one of Denmark’s largest “A-kasser” with more than 140,000 members. FTFa’s mission is to help its many members find the right job through focused efforts and a diverse offering of services and assistance. FTFa works together with more than 58 different organizations to achieve an intimate knowledge of its members and the challenges they face. FTFa also offers unemployment benefits.