Front-End Engineer

At SupWiz we’re building the next generation of support software. Our chatbots and ticket routing software is already running at companies all over Denmark. This leaves a high demand for stability and robustness of the services we provide.

We’re looking for a Front End Engineer with a passion for bringing high-performance machine learning to our customers. This is an amazing opportunity to work with world class talent and cutting-edge techniques on a project with the potential to change how we all interact with the products we use every day.

You will collaborate with our users, customers, and machine learning developers on designing, implementing, and testing web applications that expose our awesome back end to our customers. You will have a large degree of freedom and you will be shaping the landscape of front end technologies that we use.

If you’re interested in sometimes working more directly on the product backend and deployment tools, that’s pretty great as well.

What we’re looking for:

●     Experience with modern web development methods and an understanding of writing responsive and maintainable code.

●     Ability to deliver rapid iterations of features based on feedback and metrics.

●     Deep experience in any front end language of choice. Currently our front end is based mostly on Vue.js, so an understanding of a framework such as Vue, Angular or React is required.

●     Experience in Python and in particular Django is a plus.

Who you are:

●     You like working with a high degree of freedom with no one telling you exactly how a task should be accomplished.

●     You are passionate about writing elegant, scalable and maintainable front end code.

●     You have a desire to remain up to date with the latest front end technologies.

●     You are interested in contributing to adoption of new frameworks and technologies to make our front end awesome.

Have any questions? Contact our Chief Data Officer Morten Stöckel