SupWiz at TechBBQ 2019: Representing Innovation Fund Denmark and speaking at Digital Hub Denmark

Thursday September 19, SupWiz attended TechBBQ at the Innovation Fund Denmark stand and gave a presentation in the Digital Hub Denmark AI area.

At the beginning of this year, SupWiz was awarded the largest and most prestigious prize from Innovation Fund Denmark for the rapid and innovative development of our Chatbot. Therefore, we were invited to be present as a scale-up case at the Innovation Fund Denmark stand at this year’s TechBBQ.

Machine Learning Scientist, Anders Lykke Møllgaard and Communication and Business Developer, Marie Heitmann represented SupWiz at the summit. TechBBQ is the largest startup and innovation summit in Scandinavia. Therefore, it was an incredibly diverse group of attendees who came by the stand to learn more about SupWiz, the story of the team and specifically the team’s abilities to effectively and quickly implement AI research into the creation and development of the SupWiz Chatbot.

Later the same day at Digital Hub Denmark’s AI area, Anders did a talk on “The Chatbot anno 2019 and the technological maturing of the market” to curious listeners, who got to ask questions about SupWiz and the technological innovation in AI and Chatbots that we are part of driving.

Below is a photo of Anders mid presentation at Digital Hub Denmark’s AI area at TechBBQ.


If you would like to experience some of the finest examples of successful AI companies we got in Denmark, then join us at this conference on December 5.