SupWiz at CX Day 2019

Together with Wilke, SupWiz held a popular workshop on “introducing chatbots in your organization” at CX Day 2019 - the yearly event hosted by DI Handel, Wilke, and PeopleTeam. The message from the audience was clear: simple FAQ chatbots are out and intelligent chatbots like SupWiz’ are in.


With more than 200 participants and two exciting tracks on AI and software for customer service, this year’s CX day was a great success.

At the end of the day, SupWiz and Wilke held a well-attended workshop on “introducing chatbots in your organization” with focus on background, content, building, and realizing the potential of chatbots.

Market research shows that chatbots in 2017 generate extremely limited value and only accounted for $20 million in cost savings globally (i.e. almost nothing). This is, however, expected to grow to more than $8 billion in 2022. The cause is clear: Most of today’s chatbots (unlike SupWiz’) are simple FAQ chatbots driven by rules and keywords, but this is changing rapidly.

SupWiz AI chatbots, however, are intelligent and provide language agnostic understanding of users’ questions without a need to finetune spelling mistakes, word endings, etc. Something that surprised and intrigued the audience. Furthermore, SupWiz technology allows easy integration deep into company systems to perform lookups and actions similar to what service agents do - something that 58% of the audience saw as the biggest challenge for implementing chatbots in their organization.

Which is the largest challenge to implement chatbots in your organization?

Another key takeaway from the day is the enourmous impact that chatbots can make on typical organizations. In fact, more than 70% of the participants estimated that the 10 most frequent customer enquires cover more than 50% of the total volume - a perfect case for chatbots.

How large a percentage of volume does the 10 most frequent questions account for in your organization?

The conclusion is clear: Chatbots can offer a huge benefit for companies today, but they have to be intelligent with great language understanding and deep integrations.

About SupWiz
SupWiz delivers next generation AI software for customer service and support. This includes chatbots, ticket routing, email-sorting, Knowledge article matching, and much more. The solution for example enhances existing systems as Zendesk, Remedy and ServiceNow with advanced AI, algorithms and machine learning. SupWiz’ customers today include NNIT,, ATP, Stofa, and many more.

In 2019 SupWiz was awarded the most prestigues innovation award in Denmark for perhaps the world best chatbot.