SupWiz chatbot to conquer space with new non-advisory-board

Having conquered the human languages, the SupWiz chatbot is now setting its sights on extraterrestrial communication after adding new non-advisory-board non-member Elon Musk.


Inspired by other companies, SupWiz have decided to establish a non-advisory-board. The decision comes with the announcement of the first non-member, Elon Musk, and a more ambitious strategy: Customer service for aliens.

SupWiz' CEO, Stephen Alstrup, comments: "With this new ambitious strategy, our focus changes from getting our chatbot used all over the planet Earth to being the first chatbot used in space". He also notes that this decision comes after key outside influence: “With the addition of our non-advisory-board we have been able to look at the bigger picture and fully realizing the potential.”

He is backed by SupWiz' CTO, Mathias Knudsen, who adds:
"The SupWiz chatbot already understands all human languages, but we are now putting our breakthrough language agnostic technology to the real test: Aliens."

SupWiz have already initiated several trials training the Galaxy Chatbot with movies like the Star Trek, Star Wars, and Alien franchises, successfully training the chatbot to understand the language spoken by R2-D2 and others.

SupWiz' C. AI Officer, Søren Dahlgaard, elaborates on the technological advances:
"Our scientists have been working overtime to improve our AI platform over the past months. We have gone from Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to what we call Natural Thought Understanding (NTU) algorithms and our initial results are simply mind-breaking."

SupWiz are expecting to launch the new product within the next year and describe it as “one small step for SupWiz, but a giant leap for chatbots.”