SupWiz at 'IT-Branchen's Årsmøde 2019'

SupWiz CEO, Stephen Alstrup, was recently invited as speaker for ‘IT-Branchens Årsmøde 2019’ along with e.g. the Minister of Industry, Business, and Financial affairs, Rasmus Jarlov.

Photo: Computerworld,

Photo: Computerworld,

In front of 250 participants, SupWiz CEO, Stephen Alstrup, talked about how SupWiz - in record time - has gotten a leading position within AI for customer service and support such as chatbots.
Stephen also touched on the increased focus of the tech industry on VC funding and lack of focus on delivering great services to happy customers. Something we at SupWiz focus greatly on, delivering breakthrough AI software that generates concrete business value for our many happy customers and partners.

Among the other speakers were Minister of Industry, Business, and Financial affairs, Rasmus Jarlov, the Director of IT-Branchen, Birgitte Hass, and entrepreneur and investor, Tommy Andersen.

SupWiz was chosen as part of this exclusive list of speakers after being awarded the largest Innovation Prize by the Minister of Higher Education and Science and because of our almost unprecedented ability to execute as a young company.

You can read a full reportage of the event here

About SupWiz
SupWiz delivers next generation AI software for customer service and support. This includes chatbots, ticket routing, email-sorting, Knowledge article matching, and much more. The solution for example enhances existing systems as Zendesk, Remedy and ServiceNow with advanced AI, algorithms and machine learning. SupWiz’ customers today include NNIT,, ATP, Stofa, and many more.

In 2019 SupWiz was awarded the most prestigues innovation award in Denmark for perhaps the world best chatbot.