Akademikernes A-kasse select SupWiz as AI chatbot partner

We are excited to announce that Akademikernes A-kasse has selected SupWiz as AI chatbot partner in order to offer an even better service to its members.


Akademikernes A-kasse is one of Denmark’s largest “A-kasser” with more than 245,000 members and 220 employees. Akademikernes A-kasse’s mission is to help its many members find the right job through focused efforts and a diverse offering of services and assistance. Akademikernes A-kasse also offers unemployment benefits.

Akademikernes A-kasse see chatbots and AI as an opportunity to offer their members an even better service with 24/7 availability, shorter response time and improved self-service. Business Controller, Therese Thomsen, explains:

“We see a great potential in this technology and we look forward to collaborating with SupWiz on providing better services for our members. Our main reason for selecting SupWiz is their proven ability to understand, decode and translate complicated information and processes”.

About SupWiz
SupWiz delivers next generation AI software for customer service and support. This includes chatbots, ticket routing, email-sorting, Knowledge article matching, and much more. The solution for example enhances existing systems as Zendesk, Remedy and ServiceNow with advanced AI, algorithms and machine learning. SupWiz’ customers today include NNIT, One.com, ATP, Stofa, and many more.

In 2019 SupWiz was awarded the most prestigues innovation award in Denmark for perhaps the world best chatbot.