New report about the state of AI in Denmark

Our CEO Stephen Alstrup is co-author on a new report by Innovation Fund Denmark and McKinsey & Company, which investigates the opportunities for harnessing artificial intelligence technologies in Denmark.

An AI nation: harnessing the opportunity of AI in Denmark is the title of the new report that our CEO Stephen Alstrup has co-written. It provides exclusive insight into the innovation, research and adoption of AI across public and private sectors. Furthermore, it suggests opportunity areas to inspire and encourage policy makers to make Denmark a frontrunner in AI technology.

The key insights of the report suggest that AI will impact all sectors and industries in Denmark and that AI technologies have the potential to create an incremental annual GDP growth of around 35 billion by 2030. However, the report also highlights the critical need for skilled labor that we are already experiencing today. A need that will only grow and is likely to result in a talent gap of 20,000 to 80,000 people by 2030.

Denmark is a digitally advanced country, but the report emphasizes that we are lagging on readiness for AI adoption and public and private investments in AI. Exactly the development of skills, enabling easier AI adoption in SMEs and encouraging investments, are areas that the report presents as some of the opportunities for Denmark to position the itself as a leading AI adopter and innovator.


“Danish Universities are among the leaders in Europe in AI sub-disciplines such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Algorithms, and the number of successful Danish AI startups is growing rapidly. With increased support from policy makers and more private and public funding, Denmark has the potential to become a global leader in the field of AI.”

- Stephen Alstrup, CEO of SupWiz

Read the full report by Innovation Fund Denmark and McKinsey & Co here. If you want to experience some of the Danish companies that are driving the AI innovation and adoption in Denmark, then sign up for our conference in December.