Amazon: SupWiz is Revolutionizing Customer Service with AI


These days it seems like every company is boasting their application’s “AI” abilities, when in reality what’s under the hood and behind the scenes, is far from cutting edge. In a field that has a lot of hand-waving, SupWiz stands out through a team with deep technical expertise and experience”.

These are the words of Amazon, which is stated in a long and insightful article about how SupWiz are revolutionizing the customer service industry.

In the article, Amazon describes how SupWiz are making poor customer experience “a thing of the past by delivering a customer service AI platform with e.g. virtual agents and chatbots that can understand customer requests in the domain language of a given company and resolve issues to deep integrations such as resetting WiFi routers”.

It is not first time we are honored by Amazon’s perception of us. Back in May 2019, Amazon included us in their prestigious AWS Activate Portfolio Plus program for “the world’s hottest startups” following the footsteps of companies like Airbnb and Uber. We are very proud to reach achievements like these within just 2 years of establishment – it excites us to see what the future brings for SupWiz.

Learn more about SupWiz and our products in this video.