DIKU Career Day

SupWiz was recently at DIKU career day talking with many excited students about career opportunities in our world class AI team. Many students also tried their hand on our rock-paper-scissors competition, trying to build the best competing bot.


The DIKU career day is a yearly event where students get to meet companies to hear about exciting opportunities. This year, a lot of students made their way past the SupWiz stand, excited to hear about career opportunities in our talented team and eat our SupWiz-themed cupcakes.

The students also tried their luck at our two competitions: The SupQuiz and the rock-paper-scissors tournament, where everyone could submit a small python script detailing the strategy of a competing player.

The SupQuiz
The quiz contained several more or less serious questions. Below we have included the answers for the most technical ones:

  • Q2: Anna and Børge each buy a lobster with probability p1 and p2 respectively. Afterwards they tell you that exactly one of them have bought a crustaceans. Given this information, what is the probability that Anna bought a lobster?
    • Answer: p1(1-p2)/(p1(1-p2) + p2(1-p1))
  • Q6: Using cross evaluation you test a number of models and single out the best one. You expect its performance on an independent data set from the same source to be ...
    • Answer: A little worse
  • Q8 You calculate the average friend count among your facebook friends. You expect the average friend count among all people on facebook to be ...
    • Answer: larger

Unfortunately, noone answered all of the above questions correctly :(

Rock-Paper-Scissors Showdown
The big rock-paper-scissors showdown pitted students against each other in a competition of who could design the best bot for competing in this seemingly random game. Each bot played 500 hands against every other bot and the winner was the one with the highest average win-rate.

The winning submission cleverly used the history of hands against its competitor to decide on its next move. More precisely it

  1. Looked at the previous two hands (e.g. rock-paper and paper-scissor)
  2. Found the hand most commonly played by its opponent following this combination
  3. Played the hand that beats this most commonly played hand.

We thank everyone for a great DIKU career day and look forward to next year!