SupWiz welcomes Morten Canth Hels to the team

SupWiz is happy to welcome Morten Canth Hels to our ever-growing team of world-class data scientists and developers.


Morten has a background in physics concluded with a PhD from the prestigious Center for Quantum Devices at the University of Copenhagen. Morten received his degree in physics from UCPH and UCLA sponsored by several grants including the renowned Augustinus Fond.

During his PhD studies, Morten investigated proposals for building the basic components in a quantum computer. Specifically, how to initialize a qubit in an entangled state using superconductors. Morten used both machine learning methods and mathematical modeling from quantum theory to control and analyze the quantum systems.

At SupWiz, Morten will join our team of talented data scientists and developers to create sophisticated machine learning models for solving our customers' problems, and creating the next generation of customer service and support.