2018 - A fantastic year for SupWiz

With 2018 coming to an end, we are also near the end of the first full year for SupWiz as a company.

A fantastic journey, where the best team have successfully delivered the best AI solutions for Customer Service and Support. We take a look at 2018 in review.


For a start-up, priority is to both grow and at the same time have a solid business.

We are growing fast, developing our core products and our AI platform AND at the same time deliver solutions that bring real value to our customers.

SupWiz does not have burn rate. We have growth rate. We deliver real value in record time - and thanks goes out to all who have trusted SupWiz to help change their business in 2018.

SupWiz will begin 2019 standing on the shoulders of a range of great achievements for 2018, such as:

  • The best AI team. Simply.

  • SupWiz have launched a world class AI chatbot engine. No more “crapbots”

  • Intelligent ITSM routing. Millions of customer services tickets are positively impacted by SupWiz AI platform today

  • Rock solid solutions. Our platform has enterprise grade performance

  • Doing more together. With global IT service provider NNIT, we are proud to share their vision for how AI will change the way business operate in the future

  • Successfully delivering on both Innobooster and Grand Solutions (AMAOS) projects. We are thankful for the trust of Denmarks Innovation Fund.

  • Evangelism overload. We are grateful for the huge number of people, events, conferences and talks that invited SupWiz in 2018 to share our vision and cases for AI.

  • Global leadership. Mathias (SupWiz CTO) was top 5 of 50.000+ participants in Google Code Jam, and was invited by Google to join the finals in person.

  • Awards and nominations. The skill level of team SupWiz was recognized by a range of awards, from Ph.D of the Year, global top ranking in Google Code Jam, SIA most promising startup 2018 nomination - and much more.

  • Customers include Danish Business Authority, ATP, STAR, Stofa, One.com and NNIT. Thank you for your trust - we are just getting started.

No doubt, 2019 will hold even more exciting challenges, tonnes of hard work and for sure more fantastic AI solutions. We can not wait!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.