NNIT partners with SupWiz to transform Customer Service

Leading IT Service Delivery company NNIT, has partnered with SupWiz to change Customer Service and Support using AI and Innovation - and received award nomination.


As recently described by NNIT Chairman Carsten Dilling, the world is transforming.

Launching the partnership to transform Customer Service and Support using the SupWiz AI Platform marks a milestone for us here at SupWiz.

A combination of AI and RPA automation brings many benefits:

  • Eliminating waiting time

  • True AI powered Chatbots

  • Consistent service experience

  • AI can resolve standard tickets

  • Assist human service agents resolve complex or advanced tickets

  • Secure needed information is structured and available to service agents, prior to hand over

  • Route customer requests to the right place in your organization

Read more about the partnership, which has just been acknowledged with nomination for the best Service Desk Innovation 2018.

Using AI and Machine Learning, thousands of ITSM tickets are today managed in a smarter, faster and better way.