ATP selects SupWiz for AI innovation

ATP will use SupWiz AI Platform to predict the nature of service calls


Every citizen in Denmark is likely to be in touch with ATP during their lifetime. From maternity leave payment over educational grants to pensions - the ATP Group manages enourmous amounts of transactions and cases.

50% of the entire Danish population from infant to received some form of payment from ATP (Udbetaling Danmark) in 2017. And with 250.000 monthly service calls, ATP handles a massive number of requests for information and service.

The perspective for deploying AI in public service in tremendous. Denmark in general - and ATP Group in particular - is at the forefront of digital citizen services, optimizing both the service experience and the cost effectiveness. We hope to contribute to the future of public services supported by AI and Machine Learning through this innovation project - and is proud to have been selected as partner.

- Mads Kaysen, CCO SupWiz

ATP will use our Machine Learning Framework - SWML - to build a prediction engine specific to the domain of ATP. The model will be able to predict best journey for a service request, and to map requests to existing information and service channels.