These days it seems like every company is boasting their application’s “AI” abilities, when in reality what’s under the hood and behind the scenes, is far from cutting edge.

In a field that has a lot of hand-waving, SupWiz stands out through a team with deep technical expertise and experience.

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Platform overview


Example of a SupWiz journey


Step 1

The Chatbot initiates all chat conversations with customers and solves most queries automatically.


Step 2

If human interaction is needed, the Chatbot intelligently hands over the conversation to the right agent in SupChat.


Step 3

The Chatbot provides the customer with a knowledge base article while waiting and suggests a solution to the agent in SupChat.


Step 4

Unsolved tickets are automatically routed to the right department in e.g. an ITSM by the Ticket Analyzer.



Explore the components


SupWiz Chatbot

The Chatbot automatically resolves your customers’ queries, so you can spend your time and resources more effectively.

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The chat framework that makes live chat easy for both your customers and support agents.

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SupWiz Ticket analyzer

The AI powered Ticket Analyzer effectively analyzes, classifies and routes your tickets to the right support agents to solve queries faster.

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SupWiz Integrations

With integrations the sky is the limit – your Chatbot can perform a variety of actions and eliminate several tasks.

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SupWiz Analytics

The Analytics provide real-time insights into performance and shows where you can optimize your efforts to serve customers in the best possible way.

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SupWiz NLU

The SupWiz platform is built with cutting-edge NLU that understands your business and your customers like no other solution.

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